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What the hell is a Teddy Boy?

Teddy Boy is a British subculture which was started post WWII when Savile Row tailors in London tried to revive the Edwardian style of dress. It caught on with British youth and the young Teddy Boys were the first generation to label themselves 'teenagers'. Teddy Boys wore their hair greased back with a 'quiff' at the front and a 'duck's arse' at the back. They generally sported crepe-soled suede shoes, custom tailored jackets often in dark colours with velvet trim and 'drain pipe' trousers. Teddy Boys associated themselves strongly with American rockabilly music and there was a heavy cross culture connection with the USA.

I happened to stumble upon a Teddy Boy revival round-up while I was helping a friend with a wedding in the quaint seaside town of Lowestoft, on the coast of Norfolk, England and was fascinated by their love for classic American cars and eccentric dress.
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